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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Documentaries we have watched

With 3rd year students we watched 2 great documentaries, one about the origin of our planet produced by the History Channel. You can watch it here.

Then we watched Super Size Me. An incredible journey to the center of the fast food world and its consequences on our bodies. Morgan Spurlock directs and appears in this risky but enlightening personal experiment.

Stay tuned. More coming up soon...

Movies, movies, movies...

Here is an update of our cinematic activity this first term at Vacarisses.

We have seen Pride & Prejudice, based on the wonderful novel by Jane Austen, with Keira Knightley. A powerful love story with social commentary.

We have also seen Remember the Titans, with Denzel Washington. A touching historic event about race, cooperation and resilience.

More coming up on the New Year...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Interactive maps

Se have a great resource at xtec.cat. Enrique Alonso has produced a wonderful set of interactive maps for geography students in several languages.

I would like to use this page to learn the name and location of the states of the USA.

And then, this page to practice them.