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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Guideline for oral presentations

Please follow this guideline for your oral presentations:

1. Choose the topic with your teacher.
2. Find more than one source for your information:
·     Wikipedia (http://www.wikipedia.com)
·     Britannica (http://www.britannica.com/)
3. Write your own text. Use the information you find, don’t just copy fragments.
4. Check your text.
·     English Grammar (http://www.englishclub.com/grammar/)
·     Spell check your text.
5. Prepare your presentation (rehearse your presentation)
·     Go to Internet and check this for guidance:
6. It must contain:
ii.       Title, subject and author(s)
iii.     Brief summary (index)
iv.      Introduction
·    Why this topic?
·    Popular examples or traces
·    Related topics
v.        Main section of your work
·    If it is a generic topic:
o       Main characteristics
o       Examples
·    If it is a novel:
o       Biography of the author
o       Plot summary
o       Brief description of main characters
·    If it is a song:
o       Biography of the artist
o       Lyrics. Main idea of the song.
vi.      Audiovisual samples
·    Audio
·    Video
·    Photo…
vii.    Conclusion
·    Main ideas
·    Personal opinion
·    Reasons to choose this topic
viii.  Final image (if it is a digital presentation)

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