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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Guideline for written papers on readings

Please follow this guideline for your written papers on readings:

·    Papers must have a cover stating the title, the subject, the author, and the class.
·    Use white paper and a font of size 12. Arial or Courier New are good fonts. Avoid fancy fonts.
·    Chapters must include:
o       Table of contents.
o       Introduction to the paper (1 page max.)
o       Biography of the author (1 page max.)
o       Summary of the plot (1 page max.)
o       Brief description of the main characters (2 pages max.)
·        Physical
·        Personal
·        Role in the novel
o       A thought on style and language (1 page max.)
o       Personal conclusion (1 page max.)
·        Did you enjoy the reading? Why? What did you like best? and least?
o       Quotes (if any)
o       Bibliographic reference
·        Title, author, edition, publisher of the version you are using.
·        Same for any other book you maybe referencing.
·        Full URL (http://...) from any reference you maybe using coming from the Internet.

·    Use images or colour if they help or improve your work. Don’t overdo it.
·    It is a good idea to use quotes. If you do, use inverted commas to indicate them (‘…’). Then use a sequenced suprescript (xxx2) and list the pages at the end on a specific annex.

·    MOST IMPORTANT: use simple and clear language. And run the spell check.

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